Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buy Age of Conan Gold - you may Be Fooling .

As I landed off my slave ship and dug into the rather excellent lands of Hyboria I did not suspect my fate. It looked so dazzling and the storyline is totally forcing with a refreshing shortage of go kill twenty monster type quests - little did I realise a couple of weeks later I might be checking out the dodgy web sites looking to buy Age of Conan gold.

To be honest it did not click with me right away I'd heard folks talking about needing 38 more gold to buy their horse - I am afraid I did not visualize the exclamation mark at the end of that statement.

If you find something sitting on a single gold coin - he is the Donald Trump of Hyboria and he is likely a heck of a lot tougher.I think occasionally the developers not get the point of these games - I mean it's fantasy, escapism - labouring around all the uninteresting bits over and over again to attempt to raise money is all a bit - well real life for me.

Funcom state that you are breaking the provisions of service if you buy gold for the game - but they seem to forget we all do not have 10 hours a day to play these games and yes we do need the best apparatus. I haven't heard of many folks being banned for buying gold this but it is potentially occuring - the worse thing is a lot of the gold sold is from hacked accounts which is the problem.

This was looking as the rather bleak choice for me - after all I do not wish to be the sole high level barbarian walking about on foot. I did however come up with an alternative after in depth research I found something better an Age of Conan gold guide detailing all the bonafide techniques the gold sellers use to farm gold quickly.

It was incredible - with just a few techniques techniques my gold making shot into a different level - the tricks and strategies detailed in the guide make farming for gold way less complicated and loads quicker.

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