Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Make AOC gold - Age of Conan gold guide

If you want to harvest gold effectively in Age of Conan you need to know how to use your characters properly and what type of professions gather gold faster than others and get a professional Age of Conan gold guide. Below is a list of gold making professions that you should seek when playing Age of Conan to build your guild and make your character stronger.
The Criteria
What makes a profession stand out from the rest of the pack as one that can help you truly make gold? There are a few things you can look at; here are some of the most important factors:
So what kind of factors do you have to take into consideration when wanting to make large amounts of gold fast in AOC? Below are things you need to look for and to consider when gold harvesting in Age of Conan.

  • ROI- Return of Investment Ratio – One thing that alot of gamers don;t watch is how much they spend and how much the get in return e.g if you spend 300g and make 320g in return , is that a profitable profession – NO!! When choosing a profession make sure is has a high ROI ratio!

  • Time Consumption – How long will it take to power level with your current gold making profession?

  • Cross over – Can your gold making profession compliment a crafting profession? In other words if you are successful in your gold making crafts can it help complete a separate crafting profession?

  • Demand – You have to make sure you do your homework and ensure there is enough demand for our items that you’ll be making with your craft of profession. Time is money and if you not making gold with the time you spend doing it, then it’s not worth it.

The Choice

If you take into account the things talked about just above you will be on the right path to the most profitable AOC gold making profession. Using those tips you’ll soon know which professions are the most profitable and which ones have to lease ROI ratio like Architecture and Alchemy. Below are a few that have been known to be very profitable.

Armorsmithing – Out of the 4 professions this is the best one as you are able to save gold by making your own armo; also you can craft any item other players need and make lots of gold selling it to other players. You may lose a bit of gold with start up costs but you’ll soon make the money back in the long term.

Weaponsmithing – If you choose a crafting profession to make AOC gold then weaponsmithing is a good option. It fun and easy making it very profitable.

Skinning – If you choose a harvesting profession then skinning is a good option due to its high drop rates and easiness to gather skins, skins have alot of uses in AOC and can make you lots of gold.

Gemcutting – similar to skinning Gemcutting is anothering mob drop profession, it cam make you a lot of gold if you find the right mobs and spend the time with them.

These are only a few ways to becoming successful at gold making in Age of Conan and it comes down to preference and which profession you enjoy the most. However, if you make the right choices and be smart in your approach you’ll become more productive and build that Guild quickly.

To become proficient at gold making in AOC you really need a AOC gold guide that can give you all the tips and strategies that Pro AOC gamers are using to make hundreds even thousands of gold in 5 or 6 days .

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to farm Age of Conan gold fast! - AOC gold farming guide.

If you want to OWN your server and beat the crap our of your competitors or your friends then you need to learn how to farm gold fast!

There are numerous ways of farming AOC gold by grinding , completing quests and trading , but if you are a noob this can be very time consuming , thats when considering a Age of Conan gold guide comes into play.

Instead of wasting time grinding for gold you can learn all the latest techniques and tricks that Pro AOC gamers are using to farm gold quickly and on the same hand get extrememly rich by selling their gold to noobs!!

Gamers that have used a guide called the 'Ultimate Age of Conan gold guide' have managed to farm 200-450 gold everyday , one gamer has repeorted to farm 1237 gold in one day!!

Like WOW the more gold you have the more you are able to dominate your server and every other dude you fight against.

Imagine your lvl 73 Barbarian owning all his enemies simply because he has the gold to buy all the items he needs to OWN his enemies. You could be a lvl 60 Reaver owning your server and hording all the gold you need to buy the items you so wanted. Your competitors willl be wondering where you got your gold from??

The Ultimate Age of Conan Gold Guide contains 39 pages of jampacked info on what gold farming methods are more effective and where you should go to farm more gold, teaches you how to deal with traders and how to become like the chinese farmers and resell you gold to desperate AOC gamers who don't know how to farm gold properly.

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You could be OWNING like these guys simply because of your superior gold buying techniques-

Level 78 Necro owning

AOC Conqueror lvl 71 kills lvl 80

70 Guardian dropping 2 level 74's in seconds in Age of Conan

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Use AOC Gold farming strategies - Make AOC gold fast

There are easy and hard ways to make gold of Age of Conan, firstly, you can go on the net and buy gold direct form the chinese farmers for 12-15 a piece and make them very rich in the process OR you can learn how to farm gold for yourself and then sell it to the traders that can make you very rich and give you virtual control of your server.

There is a guide called - the 'Age of Conan gold guide' that teaches you how to manipulate the traders in a way to make your some serious gold. Traders are important as they decide how far you go in the game , they can make you poor or rich , they bascially make or break you.

This guide will help you make TONS OF GOLD help you build and craft vast armies, fortresses , grow your kingdom and even teach you how to RESELL GOLD to other would-be gamers to make yourself LOTS OF CASH!!

These tactics to build your guild and make your character more powerful are totally 100% legal and include no hacks or cheats just tricks that AOC players have learned while playing the game.

You'll never ever have to buy gold again form the chinese , you'll learn how to make large amounts of GOLD FOR FREE!! This is the most detailed AOC gold guide out!!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Age of Conan Gold - How to get it fast and become rich!!

If you are tired of spending hours on end trying to make gold then you'll be relieved to know that there is a guide that can show you where to go, how to make , and what characters to get to make the most you can in Age of Conan.

The "Age of Conan Gold guide" also provides advanced strategies on how to harvest gold that even our guild we follow you every where trying to bandwagon your gold.

Gamers that have followed these strategies provided in this guide have made up to 30,000g a day in some cases and even noob players have reported to be making 5000g per day!!

You will also learn how to sell your gold to chinese farmers and make real money - think about it, if you make 5000g sell it for 12 - 13 bucks a piece then times that by 5000 then hey your gonna be rich in no time!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Age of Conan Gold Guide - How to AOC Gold fast!

Age of Conan is the latest MMORPG game thats hit the store and is currently enjoying phenomonal success. Like World of Warcraft in order to progress and make your character or hero stronger you must accumulate Gold to buy your items or weapons. This process can be long and tedious and sometimes downright frustrating. Farming Gold can take hours, days even weeks just to get what you want to make your character stronger and increase its abilities.

FORTUNATELY, you there is Age of Conan gold guide that can show you how to accumalte gold fast which is 100% legit and includes no hacks, bots, cheats, or expliots!!

This guide teaches you how to avoid chinese farmers that pay little kids to sell gold to you 5 bucks a piece. Why do that when you can get 5000g FOR FREE everyday.

One gamer has reported to accumalte 5000g every day applying the technics shown in this Age of Conan guide that I am refering to.

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Summary list :

1 The guide explains in detail what you need to know about the strategies of building your own empire in AoC.

2 Contains loaded with secrets taken directly from the Chinese Farmers books that they don't want you to know of!

3 There is no faster way to make gold. This is the best way to make a ton of gold that will enable you to take control of a whole server!
4 It's about time you start selling your own gold and putting the Chinese Farmers out of business. It's time you took control of your server by yourself!

5 Every strategy in my guide is tested and proven to work or your money back!

6 This gold guide is focused only on getting you filthy rich and not on leveling.

7 Other guides show only 1 page of gold strategies that everyone else already knows of... "farm "X" in "X" for 10 hours then sell them.... plz....

8 Be the first in your server to own a guild, city, fortress all because you (the guildleader) owns the whole servers economy. Nobody will cross you.

9 No other guild will ever take your land because you will have equiped your guild's warriors with the best gear AoC has to offer!

10 In addition to the gold guide, there are 2 bonus guides and a crafting guide that explains how to use every single craft to your advantage