Saturday, June 21, 2008

Use AOC Gold farming strategies - Make AOC gold fast

There are easy and hard ways to make gold of Age of Conan, firstly, you can go on the net and buy gold direct form the chinese farmers for 12-15 a piece and make them very rich in the process OR you can learn how to farm gold for yourself and then sell it to the traders that can make you very rich and give you virtual control of your server.

There is a guide called - the 'Age of Conan gold guide' that teaches you how to manipulate the traders in a way to make your some serious gold. Traders are important as they decide how far you go in the game , they can make you poor or rich , they bascially make or break you.

This guide will help you make TONS OF GOLD help you build and craft vast armies, fortresses , grow your kingdom and even teach you how to RESELL GOLD to other would-be gamers to make yourself LOTS OF CASH!!

These tactics to build your guild and make your character more powerful are totally 100% legal and include no hacks or cheats just tricks that AOC players have learned while playing the game.

You'll never ever have to buy gold again form the chinese , you'll learn how to make large amounts of GOLD FOR FREE!! This is the most detailed AOC gold guide out!!

TO download your copy goto -> AOC GOLD Strategy guide

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