Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to farm Age of Conan gold fast! - AOC gold farming guide.

If you want to OWN your server and beat the crap our of your competitors or your friends then you need to learn how to farm gold fast!

There are numerous ways of farming AOC gold by grinding , completing quests and trading , but if you are a noob this can be very time consuming , thats when considering a Age of Conan gold guide comes into play.

Instead of wasting time grinding for gold you can learn all the latest techniques and tricks that Pro AOC gamers are using to farm gold quickly and on the same hand get extrememly rich by selling their gold to noobs!!

Gamers that have used a guide called the 'Ultimate Age of Conan gold guide' have managed to farm 200-450 gold everyday , one gamer has repeorted to farm 1237 gold in one day!!

Like WOW the more gold you have the more you are able to dominate your server and every other dude you fight against.

Imagine your lvl 73 Barbarian owning all his enemies simply because he has the gold to buy all the items he needs to OWN his enemies. You could be a lvl 60 Reaver owning your server and hording all the gold you need to buy the items you so wanted. Your competitors willl be wondering where you got your gold from??

The Ultimate Age of Conan Gold Guide contains 39 pages of jampacked info on what gold farming methods are more effective and where you should go to farm more gold, teaches you how to deal with traders and how to become like the chinese farmers and resell you gold to desperate AOC gamers who don't know how to farm gold properly.

To download your copy of the AOC Gold guide goto -> Ultimate AOC GOLD Guide

You could be OWNING like these guys simply because of your superior gold buying techniques-

Level 78 Necro owning

AOC Conqueror lvl 71 kills lvl 80

70 Guardian dropping 2 level 74's in seconds in Age of Conan

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